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A stark chronicle of professional boxing through the rise and fall of 1990’s junior middleweight contender Godfrey Nyakana --focuses its lens on sides of the sweet science rarely seen.

With appearances by boxing greats such as Light Heavyweight contender turned trainer "Irish" Bobby Cassidy, fighters “Sugar” Shane Mosley and Kevin Kelley, cut man Al Gavin, Muhammad Ali's Trainer Angelo Dundee, promoter Cedric Kushner, manager Tom Loeffler, with filming at the world famous Gleason’s Gym.

For 20 years this remarkable documentary footage - shot entirely on 16mm film - has been sitting in a vault. Life and circumstances interrupted its completion. Other projects beckoned, award-winning documentaries were made, and the film negative was stored safely away -- until now!   

With digital technology it is now possible for us to finish this film.
TitleShot offers some of the best in-the-ring fight action and emotional intensity of great fight films. From training at the world famous Gleason's gym in Brooklyn, New York to fighting at the Great Western Forum of Los Angeles, TitleShot captures the uniquely exquisite blow by blow action of professional boxing through the joy and heartbreak of junior middleweight Ugandan boxer Godfrey Nyakana's title quest.  A former Commonwealth games gold-medal winner, Godfrey travels 3 hours on the subway each day from a tiny basement apartment in the East Bronx to Gleason's. For Godfrey this is not just a fight for a title but for his life -- manager, trainer, big money backers, all wrapped up in the American dream.

Whether Godfrey is sparring with then up-and-coming Shane Mosely (as Shane’s father/trainer looks on) or getting pre-fight bedroom advice from legendary featherweight Kevin Kelley and his wife, the film reveals the anguish, hard scrabble realities, and even the humor of a pro boxer’s life. TitleShot includes some of boxing's greats, like trainer Bob Jackson, former middleweight contender turned trainer, "Irish" Bobby Cassidy and a few no longer with us -- legendary cut man Al Gavin,  and Muhammad Ali's trainer Angelo Dundee.  These old-school trainers and cornermen are the last of a breed and represent the glory days of boxing.

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