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Dealers Among Dealers poster

Directed by Gaylen Ross

Produced with Andrew Cohen and Harvey Lieberman

Edited by Paula Heredia, Gaylen Ross

"This excellent documentary on the diamond and jewelry industry is the only one that I know in the more than 25 years of my career in jewelry .. offering in my opinion an accurate and fascinating view of the world of international diamond dealing of New York's 47th Street"

François Curiel, Chairman of Christie’s Europe

Within the virtually impenetrable world of diamond and precious stone trading, from the street exchanges to the world's great auction houses of Sotheby's and Christie's, "'Dealers Among Dealers" remains the only film to reveal this amazing society, capturing the dramatics of multi-million dollar deals with the everyday ritual and confidences, and deals made on trust and a handshake.

The film documents the tension and excitement of gem trading whether it be the daily hustle to make the bottom line, or the pursuit of the most magnificent stone. In this setting the documentary features some of the world's most precious and beautiful jewels, from arrival of the DeBeers site, to the $38 million dollar Patino collection auctioned at Sotheby's , to the D Flawless ninety carat Guinea Star, purchased for $10.5 million dollars, and the Cartier jewels of Christie's, and the many extraordinary gems in just day to day trading -- all seen close at hand and with the intimacy of a private viewing.

Since its original broadcast on the prestigious PBS' POV series, the film is a priceless historical record of those who were the industry's founders on Maiden Lane to the generations on 47th Street, and the high rise offices above.

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Official Selection of

  • Berlin Film Festival

  • Sydney Film Festival

  • Haifa International FIlm Festival

  • Edinburgh Film Festival

  • Montreal World Film Festival

  • Louisville Film Festival

  • Nyon International Documentary Festival, Switzerland

  • Cinema du Reel, Center George Pompidou, Paris

  • Museum of Modern Art Film Series, New York

  • Jewish Film Festival, Film Society of Lincoln Center, NY

  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival

  • London Jewish Film Festival

  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

  • Boston Jewish Film Festival

  • Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival


  • Winner, Gold Plaque, Chicago Film Festival Winner, CINE Gold Eagle

  • Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Louisville Film Festival

  • Chris Award, Columbus International Film and Video Festival

  • "Best of Fest", Edinburgh Film Festival


  • PBS, Canadian Broadcast; Nippon- TV, Japan; NOS,
    The Netherlands;

  • Channel 4, U.K., Israel Television

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