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Ximei is a young woman from rural Henan Province who contracted AIDS when twenty years ago the government encouraged impoverished villagers to sell their blood plasma for money, literally bleeding people for profit. A million Chinese citizens were infected with HIV and countless died from AIDS. Ximei has dedicated herself to telling the world that in the rural areas of her country hundreds of thousands of people continue to suffer the same as her and do not have clinics, medicines or the treatments they require. Her courageous actions and fiery character transform the tragedy of Henan’s HIV-infected outcasts into lives of hope and dignity.

Director, Producer, Writer: Andy Cohen

Co-Director, Producer, Writer: Gaylen Ross


 • Film of the Festival, Golden Gate International Film Festival

 • Best Cinematography, Golden Gate International Film Festival

 • Activist Documentary Award,  Movies that Matter

 • Social Impact Documentary Award., Closeup Edinburgh Docfest

Official Selection

 • FIFDH / Geneva, CH/ 2019

 • Docutah Festival / St. Georges, USA / 2019

 • Awareness Film Festival / Los Angeles, USA/ 2019

 • Close Up Edinburgh Docufest / Edinburgh, UK / 2019

 • St. Louis International Film Festival / St. Louis, USA / 2019

 • Jayu Festival / Toronto, Canada / 2019

 • One World Film Festival / Prague, Czech / 2020

 • Movies that Matter Festival  / The Hague, Netherlands / 2020

 • Human Rights Film Festival / Berlin, Germany / 2020

 • Filmfest Osnabruck / Osnabruck, Germany / 2020

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