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Switzerland's Nazi Gold

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Directed by Stephen Crisman
Produced and co-written by Gaylen Ross
A&E Investigative Reports

The only documentary to tell the full story of the Swiss Banks, Jewish money, and Nazi gold. It has been called the most cynical bank robbery in history, the ultimate inside job. Swiss banks accepted Jewish life-savings -- smuggled to neutral Switzerland for hiding from Nazi terror, only to use the very same secrecy laws to prevent Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and their heirs from recovering their rightful money. 

"Blood Money" reveals Switzerland's Faustian bargain to become Hitler's bankers, financing the Nazi war machine, and ultimately prolonging World War II.


In a moving, true-life tale every bit as breathtaking as a best-selling international thriller, "Blood Money" reveals previously unknown details of history's biggest swindle, including an examination of the role of the secretive Bank of International Settlements, run by American, Thomas McKittrick, and the part that the bank played in laundering gold for the Nazis in Switzerland. The film leads the viewers through the extraordinary events, up through the shredding of documents by the Swiss banks, to the resignation of the Swiss Ambassador to the United States, and the exclusively recorded summit of Jewish, Swiss and U.S. officials as they meet for the historic resolution.

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  • Official Selection Berlin Film Festival

  • Official Selection Haifa International Film Festival, Israel

  • Boston Jewish Film Festival

  • Encontros Internacionais Documentary Film Festival, Portugal

  • Silver Plaque, Chicago International Television Competition

  • Winner, Emmy Award for Outstanding Research

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